by Valentina Marino

Real-time weather sourced by people


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Aurae is a crowd-sourced weather app that displays the ever-changing states of the sky, based on real time user photos. It is designed to allow people to share through images and comments how they are experiencing the weather in their local city, giving other users a more tangible feel for it.

By merely making a picture of the sky with Aurae, users passively contribute to weather data, and give other users a heads-up about surprising weather changes that can affect their daily plans.

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Coming from Colombia, I never really felt the need to use a weather app until I arrived in Amsterdam. Travelling from south to west within the same city, the weather can change much faster than weather forecast apps could predict, and often times the predictions, the icons and weather descriptions don't represent people's real experience of the weather. 

How could weather apps give a more accurate feel for the weather?


The main goal is to create a unique concept that elevates the experience of weather apps.

This project will soon be released!