Brought up in Colombia, I have been surrounded by overwhelming Nature and social tensions; a culture in which fiction seems easier to believe than reality itself.


Influenced by the literary movement of 

'Magical RealismI design unusual connections between the tangible and the intangible, not to explain facts, but to generate understanding through experience. 

Every project narrates a profound sensibility for Nature, poetry, and is inspired by pre-colombian values and aesthetics translated to modern times, while fading the edges between art and design.

Here technology is a sensible mediator between all things: silence and color; sense of calm and motion, - or a person’s breathing pace to surfaces of water.

My practice allows me to shed light on fundamental human values, that find expression in each detail and each creative decision.

I seek to uncover the poetry hidden in the ways we relate to our material environment, extending the meaning of 'functionality' towards the stimulation of

our emotional grounds.