Silence of Blue

melkweg awards nominee

An overstimulating society awakens the need to repurpose design towards the appreciation of simpler things.

Today, the meaning of 'designing for people' needs to privilege the 'embodied' experience as a way to make sense of reality, instead of only delivering facts and figures.

Experience goes through the senses and raises consciousness of the interconnections between us and everything else.

Just like blue, silence surrounds. This project traces the presence of silence by making it noticeable through an analogy with light: a rotating light source casts a blue shadow that embodies its presence. What is perceived of silence in the surrounding atmosphere is an evolving shape of blue that expands or retracts over the space according to changes in silence.

As it takes over, the tones of silence highlight the intimacy certain things need to unfold,

and how we need to give them attention in order to allow them to exist. 

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