Research methodology developed for Signify.


 'Knowledge of the senses is one of the best ways to understand other people’s true experience, in a completely different way to words'.

Lorenzo Ferrarini



The Value Tuning is a qualitative research methodology that helps to understand our user’s conscious and unconscious experiences, and compare with their expectations of a brand.

It helps to transform our insights into guides to tune our design outcome to our users’ expectations, assuring our product exceeds the brand expectations and warants the costumer satisfaction.
This methodology compares the values and sensorial qualities of your new product with other competitive products, to understand if the promises of our brand resonate with what our user experiences.


This methodology contributes to ideation, prototyping of meaningful user experience and a user testing toolkit.

An increasingly technological world creates a highly increasing need for human contact and empathy. By tuning up these factors, our products will deliver a more complete and meaningful experience.